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Welcome to CD Underscore

Presenting the CD Underscore® Music Llibrary - the CD series that will not only suit your production music needs but will put a wide range of styes and excellent choices of music under your fingertips.

A different library

Have you found yourself liking the temporary music under your production for beyond its purpose? Have you seen a TV ad and thought it didn't sound like a typical mass-library track but an original music piece? If so, CDUnderscore is for you.

We strive to differentiate our music from the many production libraries on the market today. We are not creating just another library filled with thousands of mediocre music tracks on hundreds of CDs.  Instead, we work for a substantial amount of time on each CD of the series, perfecting the music and the mix, as if they were our composers' albums for release. The strength of our library is the music itself, the kind that makes your audience think "who is this piece from?" and makes you want to use that catchy piece. We are proud of the artistic and production quality of our music, and that satisfaction is what we are offering for you.

We hope to welcome you soon among the professioinals who have already been using CD Underscore® and keep their library updated with our newest releases.